Indonesia Airports


Personal info of end-user, enabling Behavior analytic (on development)


Easy to arrange Trip from/to airport
1. Digital Taxi Queueing;
2. Shuttle & Public Bus Tracking
3. Car Park Information
4. Parking Booking
5. Public Transport Guidance


Push Announcement of airline flight.


On roadmap to In-door navigation. Currently only list nearby places and public facilities
1. Airport Facilities
2. Hotel Information
3. Important Numbers


Information for Airport News, Event, Retail & Travel Promotion


On roadmap to Payment integration. Currently only provide list of available merchant & tenants
1. Restaurant Info
2. Retail Info
3. Pre-Order From Restaurant (coming soon)


Airport Care, enable Digital interaction form of feedback and customized survey
1. Airport Reporting
2. Survey
3. Lost & Found Report


An Online Digital Entertainment Lounge
1. Cinema at The Airport
2. Video Streaming


An Online market place or commerce related information
1. Currency Info
2. Cargo Information
3. Flight Insurance
4. E-wallet (coming soon)


Mobile Check-In, allowing passenger to check- in & get boarding pass