Indonesia Airports

1. E-Check In

It will directly take you to their website & you can easily Check in.

2. Book Flight

You can Book flight easily from the landing Screen Book flight menu very Seamlessly.

3. Shop & Dine.

Shop & dine menu consist of Shops and Places to eat from you can easily navigate to the respective poi.

4. Park & Trans

Here you can see the schedule & book the Airport Transportation, Bus Order, Airport Train & Skytrain’s schedule, Taxi Queueing.

5. Emergency

Need emergency help? You can call 138 and we’ll helping you.

6. WI-FI

Easily connect to Wi-fi following these 4 steps.

7. Airportainment

For passengers there is option like Games & Oona.

8. LinkAja

Simple mobile payment, easy to buy Bus Tickets using LinkAja.

9. Tourism

In this section In & around Tourism places are mentioned.

10. Hotels

In this section In & around Hotels places are mentioned.

11. News

Update news from APII & 16 Airports which managed by APII.

12. Flight Information

Here you can see there is option to share flight, save flight, track flight, show gate.

13. Maps

Easy to find airport facilities, Airport tenants.

14. Profile

Here you can see there is option To Notification, Boarding Pass Scanner, My favourite.

15. More Button

Here you can see there is option To Lost & Found, Feedback, Contact us, Career.