Siaran Pers

Tangerang, August 11th 2018 - As a part of 34th Anniversary Celebration, Angkasa Pura II held a Seminar & Exhibition themed “Airport of the FutureSmart Connected Aiport in Disruptive Era” at Angkasa Pura II's Head Office on Saturday, August 11 2018.

The goal of the event, which included several aviation practitioners, is to give an overview to the community how to prepare for the future of aviation world. At the same event, Minister of State Owned Enterprises of Indonesia launched some digital facilities owned by Angkasa Pura II such as Modern ChatBot Contact Center, Airport Digital Lounge, Digital Airport Hotel, Airport Operation Control Center and Wi Shock, a high speed wi-fi facility at airports.

The speakers of the event are Minister of Transportation, Minister of State Owned Enterprises, Minister of Communication & Technology, President Director of AirNav Indonesia, Director of Service of Garuda Indonesia, Director of Safety and Operations for IATA, Deputy Director of Operations from Kansai Airport and some academics.

Rini Soemarno as Minister of State Owned Enterprises said, "I really support this event for it as a communication event for all elements of aviation infrastructure observers. With this kind of activity, I hope it can make an understanding about the importance of air connectivity and air infrastructure in Indonesia as the largest archipelagic country in the world. That way, all Indonesian citizen can be connected from Sabang to Merauke. that is why I always support Angkasa Pura II so that the air infrastructure be better. In order to support this, Angkasa Pura II must prepare digital-based infrastructure as well. Not only from the operational side, but also for human resources side. 

President Director of Angkasa Pura II, Muhamad Awaluddin said, "This seminar is This seminar is one of the ways in which Angkasa Pura II management grounded its vision as the Best Smart Connected Airport in The Region. Angkasa Pura II hopes to be able to compete and equal with world-class airport operators. Through this event, Angkasa Pura II photographed the face of the future airport. Therefore, the company prepares hard structures and soft structures to provide the best service for all customers both from the air side and the land side. Answering the challenges in this digital era, in addition to pampering customers with digital-based services, we also equip all employees of a digital platform to work so that through this application employee performance is more effective, efficient and easily controlled. "

Budi Karya Sumadi, Minister of Transportation, also appreciate the work of Angkasa Pura II's Management. Budi said, "I'm so proud of hardwork and spirit to work from Angkasa Pura II's employee. The management should be proud of the performance achievements. National connectivity should be implemented shortly as Soekarno-Hatta International to be a role model and give creative ideas so that it can be a magnet to build connectivity all around Indonesia."

"Angkasa Pura II has a vision to be The Best Smart Connected Airports in the Region, which means that all airports managed by Angkasa Pura II are airports that have high connectivity to many cities and countries through the use of the latest integrated airport operating technology to improve services for passengers. The disruptive era is now a positive challenge for Angkasa Pura II in competing towards the corporate vision. "Awaluddin concluded.

With the development of technology and the growth of the number of passengers that continues to climb, Angkasa Pura II always monitors customer satisfaction in service, both for airport service users, from airlines to the public. In line with the corporate vision to become the Best Airports in the Region, service and customer satisfaction are the main things for Angkasa Pura II.