Siaran Pers

Jakarta - PT Angkasa Pura II signed a hotel construction agreement with the joint operation (KSO) of PT Wijaya Karya Tbk and Wika Gedung. The signing was carried out yesterday, Thursday, May 2, 2019.

The hotel construction was carried out in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTerminal 3 Domestic Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, precisely next to the parking building.

Built with 150 rooms, the 3-star hotel will be operated by PT Hotel Indonesia Group. The hotel is targeted to start opening in the context of a soft opening in 2020.

AP II President Director Muhammad Awaluddin said the capital expenditure prepared by the company for the construction of the hotel reached Rp 300 billion.

The hotel business, continued Muhammad Awaluddin, is an AP II strategy to boost revenue from inorganic businesses so that the company is not too dependent on organic business.

"World-class airport operators must be able to exploit the business potential of each line, not just rely on organic businesses, namely airport management. AP II's inorganic business portfolio itself is run by a subsidiary to a grandchild. Our revenue target this year is from the inorganic business to reach Rp500 billion. "

The hotel in the Domestic Terminal 3 area is under the management of AP II's subsidiary, PT Angkasa Pura Properti.

In addition to hotels in the Domestic Terminal 3 area, hotels are currently under construction in the International Terminal 3 area.

Hotels in the International Terminal 3 area will become 4-Star Hotels and the plan is to open in November 2019. Until 31 December 2018, the progress of construction has reached 70%.

"Not just for boarding and alighting, Terminal 3 is the center of economic activity with a large commercial area, co-working space, and 2 hotels in the area outside the terminal, plus 1 capsule hotel inside the terminal," explained Muhammad Awaluddin.

In order to support the commercial area in Terminal 3, Angkasa Pura II also holds various programs such as Airport Customer Reward for customers who shop at tenants.

The Airport Customer Reward program was running late last year and the awarding of 29 winners took place today. Winning the top prize in the form of a Honda Civic Type R sports sedan was Donny Muhamad Faisal.

"Each terminal has a different development program, but one goal is to make Soekarno-Hatta better and be able to compete with other world-class airports. For example in Terminal 2F, we make the terminal a low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) starting May 1, 2019, "said Muhammad Awaluddin.

As an LCCT, Terminal 2F is designed to prioritize practicality, speed, and ease while processing travel by plane at the airport. Therefore Terminal 2F relies on digital facilities such as self check-in, self-baggage drop, and so on.

The opening of Terminal 2F to LCCT was also welcomed by the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.

"Congratulations on the operation of the LCCT in Terminal 2F Soekarno-Hatta. We hope that with the operation of this LCCT, the number of tourists will increase sharply, because in principle foreign tourists prefer to use LCCT, "said the Minister.

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is the busiest airport in the country as well as Indonesia's most important entrance. Every year, the number of passengers in Soekarno-Hatta ranges from 60-70 million passengers.