Siaran Pers

Tangerang - The 2018 Asian Games Games were held quite lively, with a total of 135 medals at the end of the medal, 37 gold medals, 47 silver medals and 51 bronze medals, the best achievement for Indonesia in Asian Para Games participation since 2010.

Carrying out the ACTIF concept of Airport capacity; Communication; Traffic routes; Infrastructure and Facility (technology), Angkasa Pura II has improved the facilities and infrastructure of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in maximizing support for the sustainability of the 2018 Asian Para Games.

A number of facilities and infrastructures are continuously monitored in delivering the return of Asian Para Games 2018 athletes and officials who are expected to begin returning to their respective countries in the period 6 - 16 October 2018 which is estimated to reach 1,499 athletes and 964 officials from 42 countries.

Angkasa Pura II President Director, Muhammad Awaluddin, said, "In delivering the return of athletes, we continue to prioritize facilities for disabled athletes so that they do not experience difficulties during the check-in process until boarding into the plane".

Improvement of infrastructure and facilities is done by maximizing a number of sides such as Management of contingent aircraft parking slots; Preparation of Arrival & Departure management and flow management for athletes for games; Placement of the drop-off area, elevator facilities and toilet to be disabled; Addition of conveyors and Self Check-In Counter facilities; Musholla and fast line are prepared to welcome athletes; Wheelchair flow; Hospitality preparation for athletes; until Placement a number of volunteers at some point to help regulate the flow of passengers.

"The maintenance of facilities such as wheelchairs, disability toilets and terminals will continue to be optimized. There are approximately 1,500 officers we have deployed until the return of the Asian Para Games 2018 athletes and officials. "Closed Awaluddin.

The Chairperson of INAPGOC, Raja Sapta Oktohari said, "We really appreciate the support of AP II in organizing the 2018 Asian Para Games, starting from operational support in the handling of athletes and preparing facilities and services in a friendly airport for people with disabilities." On the same occasion Sesmenpora Gatot S Dewabroto said, "Airport support in this case AP II is very good in ensuring all facilities and services for athletes who will return to their country after completing the competition, while the parties are satisfied with the services they receive both when they arrive or when returning home. "

The PLT Director General of Civil Aviation Pramintohadi Sukarno said, "AP II still has to serve with the 3S 1C principles, namely Safety, Security, Service and Compliance. These aspects are the basis for providing excellent service to all AP II customers, especially when conducting Asian operations. The Games, so that athletes can feel safe and comfortable while at the Airport. "